An intrepid Google Maps researcher has discovered an Alien Face near Area 51. It appears to be carved into the side of a mountain, partially hidden from above. It looks very much like some of the reported Alien sightings in the area, including the famous movie Fire in the Sky. 

The cliff where the Alien face near Area 51 has been carved is very near to the famous base that has been in the middle of many conspiracies relating to alien’s, UFOs and reverse engineering technology. 

Watch the video below which helps highlight the apparent alien face carving in the rock face by applying a colour highlighting it to better show how it looks without shadows. 

Alien Face Near Area 51

There is even a second possible carving right near the first larger alien face. Some believe this alien face was actually carved by the alien’s themselves. In one theory, the aliens have been permitted to live on and near Area 51 within a restricted area, where they have collaborated with United States intelligence services to build alien-human technology.

Alien Face Near Area 51
Is this an Alien Face Near Area 51?

In fact this is not the first alien face discovered near what are believed to be alien bases, two of the more famous ones include the alien face on Mars and another on the Moon. Could these carvings be part of their own belief system or are they marking their territory?

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