Streamed Live from Space-X Dragon Resilience are these amazing views of the Earth, as they head on their way to dock with the International Space Station. According to astronauts and cosmonauts who return from space, there is nothing like the view of Earth from space to give you a unique perspective of our tiny planet upon the backdrop of the galaxy. 

Seeing Earth from space, has ironically connected and unified many of the great space nations of our planets in their commitment to looking after our one small oasis in space. 

The crew were visibly moved by the incredible beauty of Earth as seen from space, and welcomed an international audience to the view, as they streamed their perspective back to Earth using a “floating” camera. 

Also apparent in the Live Video is the incredible blue of Earth’s oceans, which were remarkably clear on this occasion with very little cloud coverage. 

Earth from space.png
Stunning view of Earth from Space

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