Everywhere we look in space, as far as we can see into the depths of the void, are galaxies and star systems. The night sky is teaming with billions upon billions of galaxies. So it’s actually very unusual to find a region of space like The Canes Venatici Supervoid. 

What is the Canes Venatici Supervoid?

Put simply it’s a large region of space that has been found to have very little matter density. Approximately 1.5 billion light years from Earth, it has a diameter of around 1.3 billion light years. 

While there are some galaxies in the Canes Venatici Supervoid, there aren’t many, comparatively it is empty and because of that reason, it is a very unusual part of space. In fact the few galaxies it does have, generate so little gravity that they don’t appear to be influencing each other. 

The void’s location in the sky is close to the Boötes void, and is currently not well understood. The reasons it has so little mass or matter is  yet to be determined. 

By Kosmo

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