Ganges Chasma In Stunning Detail.

Ganges Chasma is a spectacular canyon at the eastern end of the vast Valles Marineris system on Mars. It is incredibly vast and deep and is an offshoot of Capri Chasma in the Coprates quadrangle.

In this incredible high resolution view you can see Ganges Chasma closeup and in great detail. It is named after the River Ganges in South Asia because Ganges Chasma is winding and large like its namesake.

Ganges Chasm
Ganges Chasm Closeup on Mars

Thought to have formed through a series of catastrophic discharges of water and CO2 from chaos terrains such as that preserved in Ganges Chaos at its southern margin, it is an incredible sight that few have seen before. Now you can watch the amazing geographical formation of Ganges Chasma in stunning detail. 

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