High resolution imagery from the Mars Curiosity Rover has uncovered incredible circular formations on the underside of rocks, not usually attributed to geological processes. Could it be something more incredible, remains of Martian fungus? 

Has Martian Fungus Been Discovered ?

Multiple circular formations have been discovered in recent Mars rover imaging by coincidence. Citizen scientists pouring over the images, while zoomed in to the background terrain, have stumbled upon some truly odd marks in the shadow of Martian rocks. 

The colouration, shape and size all lend themselves to something we see regularly on Earth, fungus, mould and primitive vegetation. It could be an incredible discovery if those same processes are discovered on another planet and indicate life is far more likely to occur in the right conditions.  

Based on the imaging alone, there is no way to tell exactly what they are, but it is a very interesting discovery and could be fossilized Martian fungus or something equally compelling. 

Let’s hope NASA takes notice and investigates further to find out if Martian Fungus has been discovered. 

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