Star Wars Speeder Found On The Moon?

An eagle-eyed UFO hunter has found what looks very much like a Star Wars T-47 Airspeeder in a NASA high resolution image of the Earth’s Moon. 

Incredibly, the object appears to be speeding across the surface of the moon and even casts a shadow. Did George Lucas have insider information when he made the Star Wars movies, could the technology in his movies actually exist? Maybe even in a Galaxy not so far, far away after all?

Star Wars Speeder Found On The Moon
Star Wars Speeder Found On The Moon

The NASA photograph covers a large area of the moon and may have inadvertently captured something more interesting than Luna rocks. However it is not a video so no actual movement can be discerned. The shadow however does provide additional information about the size and height from the Luna surface. 

The reflectivity also indicates it is different to the surrounding area, so looking at the same spot should provide the same results. Interestingly, other citizen investigators have looked to the same area of the moon and been unable to find it. Could it have zoomed away after all, zipping into a nearby cave, only to be swallowed whole by a cave dwelling slug? 

T-47 Light Airspeeder

The T-47 airspeeder, also known as the T-47 light airspeeder, was a model of low-altitude vehicle manufactured by Incom Corporation. The Rebel Alliance was based on the icy planet of Hoth, and modified the T-47’s to become ground attack, low-altitude fighters. Originally Hoth’s extreme cold temperatures were too severe for these craft; the power generators would lock, requiring a large bank of heat radiator fins for essential cooling. Rebel technicians modified the T-47 airspeeder by insulating each radiator fin with side panels to decrease the heat exchange in order to better suit the new environment.

So why was a Star Wars speeder found on the moon? Who retrofitted them to work in a vacuum? And perhaps most importantly of all, is Earth’s moon actually the Death Star? I’ve got a very bad feeling about this…

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  1. Some graphic enhancement, change the lighting, zoom in, add shadows and you get to see a star wars speeder on the moon, next they’ll show us the falcon up there. It’s a rock.

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