NASA Photos Show Mars Bones On Altar

Incredible photos from the NASA rover missions on Mars appear to show remants of a body on an alter.

Close examination of a section of high resolution imagery  shows a flat stone formation on Mars that has some unusual structures on top of it. They strongly resemble a skeleton and give the impression of bones on an altar, such as would be found at a place of sacrifice. 

Could this be a trick of the eye? Humans are very adept at seeing faces and forms in clouds, rocks and other natural formations, but the uncanny resemblance to legs, a pelvis, and rib cage are certainly cause for conjecture. 

Some are suggesting that Mars may have previously been inhabited, as there have been many similar finds in the NASA images sent back from the Mars rovers. 

Judge for yourself if these are images of Mars Bones on an Altar, if perhaps an alien expired lying down on a rock outcropping or if it is just a case of Pareidolia

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