Black Triangular UFO filmed over Southampton, England on 1st June 2008…

Using stabilizing software which identifies commonalities in the frames as a point of reference, and triangulates position to create a reduced area with little noise or movement, allows us to see much more detail. 

Black Triangular UFO over Southampton, England - Raw Footage
Black Triangular UFO over Southampton

Black Triangular UFO - Enhanced

Black Triangular UFO over Southampton England
Black Triangular UFO over Southampton Stabilized

Historical videos and images lack clarity, resolution and often were taken at great distances by poor photographers. Hand shake, movement and zooming make it even harder to get a clear view of UFOs. 

However modern video software and techniques can still do a lot to improve many recordings, more than most people may realise, and this can bring old recordings back to prominence, and give us new insights into old sightings. 

More recent sightings of these sorts of Black Triangular UFOs is believed to be terrestrial in nature and most are attributed to very secret military craft such as the TR-3B. 

However sightings of black triangular UFOs have found on cave wall drawings, art pieces hundreds of years old and even in official NASA Apollo Mission photos. 

Below is the well known painting from 1561, titled – celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg.  

1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg
1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg

This painting and documentation were intended as a record of a mass sighting where witnesses described a great battle in the sky between fleets of opposing UFOs, including a large Black Triangular UFO. 

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