Official Apollo 12 video, which was considered of little value due to supposed “fogging” of the camera lens, has been rexamined using high tech software stacking capabilities. The result is compelling..

Apollo 12 UFOs Revealed

Watch as the latest stacking technology in video imaging, brings old NASA footage to new life. Stacking is the technique of using multiple images and frames to combine the artefacts, lighting, shadows and features so that an image can be better brought into focus. By removing individual inaccuracies, and by compounding commonalities, a much sharper and clearer image is brought into focus. 

Many of the official NASA images and videos have parts missing, obfuscated or fogged. These optical issues once meant that nothing could be clearly seen, but new software and techniques previously not available, now mean that much of what was obscured can be more clearly seen. 

Incredibly, many times when there is obfuscation, it appears it may have been done intentionally, because underneath, are compelling observations, UFOs, structures, movement and more. 

In this excellent stacking compellation, at least two Apollo 12 UFOs can be seen changing direction and moving across the Lunar Surface. 

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