More Water On The Moon

Our moon holds more water in more places than previously thought, according to recent new studies. 

NASA is excited by this discovery as it makes the return to the moon, and potential habitation, much easier. 

Having ready supplies of water on the moon would be a game changer, as transporting it from Earth is incredibly expensive and energy intensive. Water has many other benefits including providing air to breath and a source of potential fuel. 

Water on the moon is likely to have come from meteorites and comets striking the surface of the moon. 

Scientists believe the water molecules they have detected may be trapped in beads of glass or just under the surface, protecting them from solar radiation and are thrilled to have found more water on the moon than ever seemed likely. 

NASA is going back to the moon, and this time humans plan to stay, by building bases on the moon. Resources such as water will make this a much faster and more sustainable solution. 

From there, humans will look to Mars and potential colonisation, allowing humans to live and work on other planets. 


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