Construction On The Moon

Just recently, construction has been found on the moon near the Clavius Crater, where they have come out and said that there is water. This construction spans 100’s of kilometres wide and each of the buildings range from 20 – 60 kilometres long and 10 – 30 kilometres wide.

Construction On The Moon Near Clavius crater - Where They Declared There Was Water

When zoomed in to the maximum, the image gets somewhat pixelated, however detail is still quite clear and structures that resemble bridges and buildings can be seen near tower like constructions. The bridges span over the top of the craters, to rejoin with the other half on the other side of the crater and appear to be have been constructed in such a way as to appear natural from a distance. 

These ‘bridges’ are around 40km long and are symmetrical squares. We have seen nothing like this occurring in nature, and the sheer size, regularity, straight lines and connectedness of the bridges with the other structures implies intent, and artificial creation. 

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