China Killer Satellites No One Is Talking About.

On October 26, 2020, China launched 4 new satellites into orbit aboard a Long March-2C rocket, from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China.

One of the satellites is a Tianqi-6 satellite used for data transmission and co-ordination of communications. Let’s assume that one’s all above board. 

The other three however, were listed as Yaogan-30 satellites, which are a high resolution imaging satellite purportedly used for land surveys, crop yield estimates and disaster relief, but well known to be military reconnaissance satellites.

The issue is, the Yaogan series of satellites started in 2006, and were already up to Yaogan-30 by 2016. It is highly unlikely that China is putting four year old technology into space, especially considering the vast cost of each launch. Clearly they didn’t. China is anything but transparent, so it’s not surprising they aren’t telling us the truth.  

However, it does beg the question, what exactly did they just launch into space? And while they commonly don’t release information about the specifics of each satellite, why claim it’s old technology, unless it’s something very different. This is an unusual step by China. 

Is this some sort of military weapon, could it be more technology aimed at taking out enemy satellites and blinding their military, or is it ground focused?

There has been a lot of talk about Chinese development matching the aims of the original US Star Wars program, high orbit anti-missile defense systems, and more recently there has been talk of China Killer Satellite technology. 

Military experts are analyzing the launch times and right ascension of launching node to try and glean the potential use of the latest Chinese satellites to determine their orbit and purpose.

Japan has also expressed concern about China and Russia weaponising satellites, and has pointed to recent, repeated close encounters between “other” nations and Japan’s satellites, that were not “accidental”.
Lance Gatling, a Tokyo-based aerospace analyst, said it was “inevitable” that other powers would seek ways to exploit any potential opportunity to gain a military or economic advantage.
“Every advanced space nation with any kind of satellite is going to be concerned about what would happen if their equipment was disabled,” he said.

Vast amounts of money are being invested in the new space arms race, and no one is spending more than China. Killer Satellites or not, the new satellites are not old technology, and hopefully more information will become available about what they have just launched into space. 

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