Where is Clavius Crater?

Finally, after multiple trips to the moon, flybys, astrological scans and even a nuclear explosion  failed to find it, water has been found on the moon.

NASA’s flying observatory has definitively confirmed that there is water on the moon, detected within Clavius Crater, and there may be large volumes of ice at other locations available to mankind to help colonise another celestial body or maintain a Lunar base. 

So where is Clavius Crater? 

Clavius is a very large crater found near the southern pole of the Moon. It is the second largest of all the visible craters and can be seen easily with a small backyard telescope. It is found at coordinates58°24′S 14°24′W / 58.4°S 14.4′W and is 231 km in diameter.
It is named after the Jesuit priest Christopher Clavius, a 16th-century German astronomer and mathematician.  

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