Quick, put your pants back on, it turns out Alien Civilizations Can See us! 

Well, that’s if they are out there and interested enough to be watching us. If they are sufficiently advanced, then almost certainly they could be watching us right now. 

So that begs the question, are they out there? Well the odds seem reasonable, based on the vast number of galaxies just in our visible range, within which are an incredible number of stars, around which are almost incalculable number of planets. 


Alien Civilizations Watch Us
Can Alien Civilizations See us?

Can Alien Civilizations See Us?

Ever since we began producing and broadcasting radio and television transmissions, we’ve been sending out a loud signal in all directions. A beacon showing the way to our small corner of the cosmos. In space radio travels at the speed or light, so both have been travelling very fast, and radio has been doing so for hundreds of years now.

However, we have been visible to potentially advanced Alien Civilizations for a lot longer.  They could have detected our planet in the habitable zone of our sun by dips in our suns light intensity as the Earth passes in front of it. They could have picked up the signs of life from changes in our atmosphere.

They could even have incredibly advanced telescopes vastly more powerful than our own. Already we have theoretical designs using our own sun to bend light to create a telescope at the focal point which would be millions of times more powerful than anything we have now.

Alien Civilizations may be able to see us astounding detail, just as we can now zoom in on our own home from space using Google Earth. Something completely unimaginable to our ancestors. Perhaps they can see us scurrying about like ants.  

Alien Civilizations
Alien Civilizations may be much more advanced.

Scientists have calculated the likely distance around us from which Alien Civilizations may be able to detect our planet, and have calculated the distance our transmissions have already travelled, to work out which galaxies and star systems could potentially be looking at us right now. 

Can they traverse the vast distances to come and greet us, perhaps not, we are not sure it is possible to travel so far within lifetimes, however, even if they can not visit us physically, it is not impossible for there to be some forms of communication. We just have to spot them as well, perhaps we’ll find them looking back at us when we do. 

So unless you are a keen on exhibitionism, put your pants back on because Alien Civilizations may be watching us right now. 

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