UFO Behind Space Station

Amazing live footage of a UFO Behind Space Station, appears to show an object moving through and out of the atmosphere into space. The object glows and pulsates and changes speed and was all captured on the LIVE Internation Space Station feed, before the camera pans away from the area. 


UFO Behind Space Station
Enhanced view of UFO Behind Space Station

Here is an enhanced image from one of the frames, showing the shape of the UFO, Behind Space Station, before the ISS Camera quickly zooms in and pans away. No official word has been given about the sighting or what it could be. Was it a classified launch or spaceship, a secret satellite, is it a UFO, or was it something else? 

NASA appears to have been unaware of the object initially, or the camera angle would have been more carefully setup ahead of time, the fact that the live feed zooms in and away suggests that whoever was controlling the camera only became aware of the object during the transmission.

This is another in a long history of strange UFOs that have shown up in live ISS feeds, many of which were cut or the camera suddenly pans away or footage is changed to a different camera feed. There is a lot of space debris, and legion of space sattelites orbiting the globe, but the truly fascinating UFOs are those that show up behind the space station, the feed changes, and that show signs of controlled movement. 

There have been many sightings in the past two years, and UFO hunters now watch and record the live ISS feeds looking for objects such as this in the background.

They have pointed out that despite high resolution cameras being incredibly affordable and despite improvements in bandwidth and communication with the ISS, with NASA’s incredibly large budget available, NASA continues to use low resolution, average quality cameras for the Space Station feeds. Many believe this is an intentional decision to help obfuscate these types of sightings and evidence of UFOs. 

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