There have been many instances of UFOs being observed near the International Space Station (ISS). Encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects in space is increasing as it is on Earth. These UFOs exhibited changes in direction, velocity and luminosity.

In many instances when a UFO is seen near the ISS the feed has been cut or the camera has panned away when the encounters have occurred. NASA has remained tight lipped, and always denied this is intentional, claiming the feed does fail, the camera view is changed regularly and that there is no cover up.  

Here is an example where something appears out of the background, a strange light grows brighter. It’s a strange glowing UFO near ISS, before the camera feed is cut for about a minute, then the connection is restored but the view is from another camera. …

UFO Near ISS - Feed Gets Cut

Everything appears normal, with an incredible view of the earth, then a strange light appears and grows brighter just below and to the left you can see a UFO near ISS. Slowly it becomes brighter and more apparent, then the feed is cut, only to swap to another camera and completely different view. 


An incredible and strange blue light appears out of nowhere, it seems to be a UFO near ISS, and clearly NASA is also aware of it, because as soon as it solidifies, the feed is cut and switched to another camera. 

The UFO appears large, transparent and whitish blue, but doesn’t seem solid. After a minute or so, it goes from barely noticeable to very bright seems to solidify. Just as it starts to come into focus, the feed stops and then switches to another camera. Classic NASA obfuscation, any time there is an anomaly or UFO near ISS, the feed is cut due to transmission issues or the ISS is passing out of range. 

However in this case, the feed cuts for a few moments and then swaps to another camera, so clearly there are no technical issues with communication from the ISS back to earth, or the ISS passing out of range. It certainly seems like manual intervention to cut the feed relating to the UFO near ISS. 

Combing through archival footage and information reveals this may not have been the first sighting of this blue UFO. In the Apollo 14 moon landing photos, there are frames taken while the flag is being planted, and in the distance, is what appears to be a very similar blue UFO, you can watch close-up footage here: Apollo 14 Blue UFO

Apollo UFO
Apollo UFO

As you zoom in on the Apollo 14 photos you can actually see inside the blue glow and what appears to be a physical structure in some detail. Compare the Apollo 14 UFO with this UFO near ISS and let us know what you think below. The two events occurred 50 years apart. 

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