Looking at the Latest Astronomy News, you can’t help but also consider the previous 200 years. In just a short time humankind has created gone from looking up at the night sky with a looking glass, to devling into the depths of the universe.

In the past 200 years, we have made more discoveries, seen further into space, found billions of galaxies, set foot on the moon, sent robot vehicles to other planets and even had space craft leave our own solar system.

Incredibly, we are just at the very start of the Astronomy adventure, our advancements, technology and views of the universe are not just continuing, but they are very rapidly accelerating. 

Latest Astronomy News

So what will the next 200 years mean for Astronomy? Megan Argo provides her take on the next decade and currently planned projects, and then looks beyond to what might be in the following 200 years. 

Here are the exciting upcoming missions that are already underway:

  1. ExoMars – 2021
  2. James Webb Telescope – 2021
  3. Manned mission to Mars – 2022
  4. Chinese Space Station – 2022
  5. ESA Asteroid Avoidance Policy – 2023
  6. NASA’s Artermis mission to the moon – 2024
  7. JAXA’s heading to the Martian moons – 2025
  8. The extremely large telescope completed – 2025
  9. NASA’s Dragonfly mission to Titan – 2026
  10. Juice Satellite arrives at Jupiter – 2029

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