The ISS provides free access to live streams of Earth that allow people to connect to the feeds and watch Earth from Space. This incredible vantage point mirrors the one that astronauts have from their windows on board the International Space Station. 

ISS Streamed View - Earth From Space

We are truly living in a new age, one where we can sit in the comfort of our home, on our computers and watch ourselves live from above as the ISS orbits the Earth. 

Enjoy a coffee as you literally watch the Earth from Space, see cloud formations, the vast oceans, land masses flying past, and as night falls, the lights blinking on across our many continents. 

This is a perspective never before enjoyed by human beings and perfectly encapsulates our ingenuity, and the progress we have made. 

However, this macro view of our planet fails to capture the difficulties our species not only faces but often creates, the pollution of our own environment, the plastic floating in those spectacular bodies of water, the conflict between nations. 

Such a view of Earth from space should help to unify our species, if only we could pause long enough to fully appreciate the beauty of our vulnerable planet and ecosystems. 

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