In the background of an official Apollo 14 photograph is an odd shape, a triangular UFO, barely discernible in the darkness until you begin to zoom in. 

This is not the first such find in one of the Apollo mission photographs, in fact they are riddled with strange anomalies, objects and UFOs. 

Triangular UFO - Apollo 14

Below is another Apollo UFO anomaly in the background of a lunar surface mission, showing what appears to be a blue UFO behind one of the US astronauts posing on the moon.

Apollo UFO
Apollo UFO

Triangular UFO’s have become very common in recent years, with many sightings in all parts of the world. Recent sightings are generally attributed to advanced aircraft and spacecraft designed by the military. 

One such example is the very secretive US design, codenamed TR-3B. Rumour has it that this particular design was reverse engineered from a crashed UFO. 

While it sounds preposterous and far fetched, when triangular UFO shapes are found in the background of official NASA Apollo photographs, it’s hard not to wonder if perhaps it is true after all. 


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