Blue UFO in Apollo 14 Photos

Strange blue UFO revealed in the background of multiple Apollo 14 images. Analysis of old Apollo 14 archives has uncovered some interesting blue anomalies hidden in the background of a number of photos. 

The main photos are focused around the planting of the flag and walking on the moon. Deep in the background is a faint blue UFO on the horizon. When the image is enhanced a solid shape emerges and looks very much like a ship. 

Interestingly, a very similar appearance has been documented much more recently, with a UFO near ISS being spotted in the live ISS feed before the camera feed is cut by NASA.  

In both instances, a strange blue UFO is seen in the background of images, near two space missions decades apart. 


The blue glow and the shape of the object appear to be identical in both instances. The UFO near ISS was spotted in 2019, while the blue UFO in the background of the Apollo 14 mission took place during the world famous moon landing in 1969. If it’s the same UFO then it was present for two space missions, 50 years apart. 

One thought on “Blue UFO observes Apollo 14.”
  1. OMG, that’s a brilliant catch, two different photos taken 50 years apart of what looks very much like the same UFO. And the Apollo images are the official NASA images you can look up yourself.

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